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About Built2Go
1-1 Is Built2go for me? What do you offer?

Built2Go is currently a service released in beta that provides full working preprogrammed website templates programmed with working PHP scripts to start an instant turnkey website with no programming required, although some experience in installing a PHP script may be necessary. Built2Go also offers HTML versions of all templates, PSD source files for making design modifications in Photoshop, and Corporate IDs and Banner sets to open your shop with a full identity ready to use.

1-2 Can I really access all of the member products for 1 low price?

Yes, if you register for our membership you can download every product in the member download area of Built2Go.com for the term of your membership without any additional charges. This does not include the download of all of our Limited or Exclusive items for this price, however, we provide these high-quality products at unbeatable prices as well.

1-3 What formats do your products come in?

The script portion of the Built2Go templates are programmed in PHP, and require use of a mySQL database. Additional items in the download packages include sliced HTML files, Photoshop PSD files, advertising banners in animated gif, static gif, and Photoshop or Illustrator PSD files. Lastly, each kit comes with a Corporate ID including Letterhead, Logo, Envelope, and Fax Cover Sheet in Adobe Photoshop PSD format.

1-4 Do you add products on a regular basis?

Yes. Although Built2Go will only create new inventory that it believes to be of a superior quality, we update as frequently as possible, usually several times a month.

1-5 Can I make money from Built2Go too?

Yes! Built2Go offers an affiliate program, and pays affiliates a healthy 25% commission on all sales referred. You can sign up to become an affiliate here: http://www.built2go.com/cgi-bin/affiliates/signup.cgi.

1-6 Does Built2Go offer refunds?

Once you have downloaded an item from Built2Go.com or if you have purchased a product from our Limited Items section we cannot offer a refund, which you are held responsible for understanding upon your creation of a Built2Go.com membership or purchase of a Built2Go.com Limited Item. The reason for this policy is because we offer full access to our entire digital collection of member products and, as such, there is no way for our products to be returned. On a rare occasion, if no products have been accessed, we will make exceptions on a case by case basis, however this is not applicable to renewal purchases where products have been previously downloaded or to Built2Go.com Limited Items.

1-7 Is Built2Go a US Company?

Yes, Built2Go is located, and operates out of the USA.

Rights and Usage
2-1 Are there any restrictions on my use of the Built2Go.com graphics that I download?

Personal Use - The Built2Go.com license grants you the right to use materials accessed from http://www.built2go.com for personal use on websites owned by the purchaser of the account directly with little to no modifications. REQUIREMENT: Users of these materials must retain the copyright notification and link to http://www.built2go.com that included with each and every programmed template.

Corporate Use - The Built2Go.com license grants you the right to use materials accessed from http://www.built2go.com on a corporate website/entity owned by the purchaser of the account directly with little to no modifications. REQUIREMENT: Users of these materials must retain the copyright notification and link to http://www.built2go.com that included with each and every programmed template.

Client Use - The Built2Go.com license grants you the right to use the materials accessed from http://www.built2go.com for clients, friends and family, or various corporate entities upon significant modifications of the materials accessed from Built2Go.com. If you intend on using any of the graphics that you download from BoxedArt.com as products you wish to sell to clients, then you must make significant modifications to the materials. Our materials are intended to be used as a starting point for your developed sites, so there must be some significant modification beyond pure content/text/picture changes. What this means exactly, is that you must modify the color, shape, or look of the template, such that upon an initial glance, it is not obvious that the template was accessed from Built2Go.com.

If you are unable to so, or do not wish to perform these modifications, then it is still possible to use our templates for your clients, family or friends, or a corporate entity, however you will need to purchase a new license for each individual or entity that you develop a site for. You can find client pricing at the below URL:


When you purchase a license for a client, all customers must submit the receipt of this license purchase to licensing@built2go.com along with your username, the name of your client, and the URL where the licensed material will be used. Thereafter, the required license purchase will be noted with your account. The additional benefits this license provides, is that once you purchase it for your client, you may then provide that particular client with as many designs as they may need with little or no modification. However these items may NOT be distributed or displayed through any form of archive or automated shopping or download system, and must be custom modified for each client.

Additionally, each employee or agent of any commercial or corporate entity must have their own separate license to use the materials accessed from Built2Go.com.

REQUIREMENT: Users of these materials must retain the copyright notification and link to http://www.built2go.com that included with each and every programmed template.

Full Licensing terms can be found at the below location:


2-2 Do I have exclusive ownership over the items I download as part of the my membership?

No, your purchase entitles you to a license to use the products royalty free in accordance with the rights, restrictions and conditions indicated in the license you receive, and indicated above, but we do not grant exclusive rights for items downloaded from our member section.

2-3 If I purchase an unlimited membership are there any other fees I will encounter when downloading from the site?

No, an unlimited membership allows you full access to download any of graphics from the members area of our site at no extra charge.

2-4 Are the terms for the Limited and Exclusive items different then the Member product terms?

Yes. When you purchase an item as a part of the Limited collection of graphics, this affords you a full license to use this graphic in any way you choose ONE time. However, it is important to note that it may only be used ONE time. In other words, you may provide these graphics as works to your clients, but only ONE client may purchase this work from you, because your license only provides you with this one-time use option. Additionally, if you are using this template for yourself the same terms of use apply. Therefore, the benefit is that you are still able to receive our high-quality graphics at our lowest prices that are beyond compare with our competitors, while only having the graphics circulated to a minimal extent.

Regarding how you may utilize our Exclusive graphics, once an item is purchased from the Limited/Exclusive section as at the Exclusive price just ONE time, it is removed. Yes, that is right, you can receive a unique template from our professional collection for this one-time fee, and it will NOT be distributed again.

Having said the above, with the cap that we are placing on these items each purchase will have to go through a verification process. This process typically takes between 24-36 hours to confirm the validity of a transaction, and is put in place so that we may continue to deliver these high-quality graphics at our unbeatable price to our legitimate buyers.

2-5 Do I need to provide an link back or acknowledgement to Built2Go.com when I use your products?

Users of these materials must retain the copyright notification and link to http://www.built2go.com that included with each and every programmed template.

2-6 Is account sharing allowed?

No, sharing an account is no different than distributing our materials to others. Individual accounts must be purchased by your friends and colleagues.

2-7 Built2Go Terms of use Violations

Suspected violations of our terms will lead to an investigation into the situation, contact with the individual involved with the violations, account suspension, account termination, or other actions deemed necessary depending on the nature and severity of the violations, if we are unable to confirm the validity of the activity. BoxedArt may also update its terms from time to time, and it is your responsibility for reviewing the FAQ and licensing information.

Built2Go may review for terms of service violations based on but not limited to: A pattern of behavior or activity on the Built2Go website, abuse reports sent into Built2Go by other individuals, violations discovered by Built2Go employees, or any other method deemed necessary to protect the intellectual copyrights of Built2Go or Big Resources, Inc.

2-8 Are there any restrictions on who can join Built2Go?

Built2Go does not allow participation by websites or individuals that participate in warez, hacking, cracking, malicious computer crime or fraud, or any other material or activity that is sees as illegal or conflicting with its program.

Product Delivery and Access
3-1 How are your products accessed after purchase once I have purchased a yearly membership?

After you signup and login, click the button that says "member download" which is located underneath your desired product. You will be presented with two options, email or direct download.

If you are looking for information as to the delivery process for Limited or Exclusive Items, please review question 2-4 above under the Rights and Usage section.

3-2 I bought a membership, but it says I'm not activated, what do I do?

Because of the high fraud plaguing this industry, all orders are reviewed for signs of fraudulence before accepting any order. Once an order has been reviewed and confirmed by a human representative, your account will be activated. This process will be completed as quickly as possible, but activation time will vary depending on time of day, the volume of orders awaiting processing, the users adherence to submitting verifiable and legitimate information, as well as other factors.

3-3 I have purchased a membership and was able to access the site initially, but I am now having difficulty accessing my account, what is the problem?

This is typically the result of your computer not setting the cookie our website sends properly. Therefore, in order to correct this issue you will likely need to do one of the following things:

1. The web browser security or privacy setting may be too high (this setting should not be set past medium).

2. You may be behind a firewall that is blocking our cookie.

3. You may be using a web proxy that is filtering the cookies and preventing them from reaching your computer.

4. The cookies may be completely disabled in you browser.

Additionally, our login is case sensitive, so be sure that you are entering your username and password exactly as you did when you signed up for your account.

If you still experience difficulties after trying all of the above solutions please contact us at: http://www.built2go.com/support

If Built2Go is unavailable for technical reasons, we are not responsible or liable for any damages during any downtime, or defects on the site during this period.

3-4 How do I change my email address and password?

You can update your password and email address by clicking the "Account Details" link in the Members Area on the left hand side of the page. Once there you will be able to update your account information accordingly.

3-5 I am not familiar with how to edit and customize these graphics, or I am having trouble with modifying the graphics in some way.

If you are somewhat of a novice at utilizing these type of graphics or you are versed in being able to modify to some to degree, but are just experiencing difficulties, please review our tutorials located at: http://www.boxedart.com/Lessons/ These tutorials should provide you with all the tools you need to get started using our graphics.

Install instructions and a basic "how to use" guide is included in each download.

3-6 Will my membership be activated instantly?

Due to the increase of the amount of fraudulent transactions in this industry and on our website daily, we have had to implement a pending period to allow our staff to confirm all transactions before account activation. This action has been implemented to retain the unbeatable value afforded to you through your Built2Go membership.

3-7 I am having trouble signing up or I am getting caught in a loop

It is possible that you are blocking a registration cookie that BoxedArt places on your computer that carries information needed to complete your checkout. Please ensure that your privacy level in your web browser is set no higher than medium, to set this cookie, and if the problem persists contact https://www.built2go.com/support/index.php for account assistance.

3-8 Will my Built2Go subscription renew automatically?

This will depend on how you set your subscription up when you join Built2Go, however if you choose a renewing subscription, then this can be cancelled from recurring at any time. First, a credit card transaction will never automatically renew. However if you select a paypal subscription and would like to later cancel the subscription before it rebills, you can do so by following these instructions:

Simply log into paypal.com, and click on the "all activity" link. Next, from the drop down box labeled "show", select "subscriptions". Choose a large enough date range to back at least as far as your original purchase, and then click search. Once the search results appear, click on the subscription details, and then on the cancel button within the subscription details. That's all you need to do to cancel your paypal subscription prior to your expiration date before it renews at the end of your term. If you have created a subscription that has renewed because it was not cancelled before the end of a term, then this cannot be refunded.

Downloading Limitations
4-1 Are there any limitations to how or what I can download?

Yes. You may not use a 3rd party script to access our site or downloads. Any attempt to automatically download our content in this way will result in the automatic suspension of your account.

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