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Built2go > Member Products > Feature List for Built2Go Shopping v2 Beta v2.0.0 Beta
Admin Features:
Plug-in Ads

*Google Adsense

*Any Other Copy/Paste Ad

Admin Break-In Protection

User / Admin Role Control

User / Admin Logging

Skinable Template system

Newsletter Mailing

*Many Mail Control Tools

Locations Editing

Dynamic form fields

*Add Unlimited Form Fields

*Enable or Disable Fields.

Multi tier Category System

* Recipricol Categories

Faq Management

Payment Processors






*Google Checkout

*Payments by merchant or email

*Add New Modules on the Fly

Product Section

*Add / View / Modify /Delete

*Shipping Options

*Review Section

*States and Country Tax codes

Search for Reviews

*by review id

*by user id

*by title

*by ending date

*by starting date

*by product

Search for Users

*by name

*by email

*by date joined

*by user id

*by status

*by buyer

User Section

*Add / View / Modify /Delete

Coupon System

System Setting Controls

*Debug mode

*Product Options

*Pending Review Toggle

*Comments / Reviews Activation

*Pending Registration Toggle

*Shipping Options

*Captcha Toggle

*Image Path Settings

*Coupon Use Toggle

*Photo / Video Activation

*RSS Activation

*DST Settings

*Password Strength

*Search Engine Friendly URLs

*Password settings

*Tag Cloud

SSl Enabled

Censorship Controls

Bad Word Filter

Email Ban

IP Ban

New Language Switcher

Language Manager

*Multiple Languages

*Currency Settings

*Country Code settings

*Date / Time settings

Fully Editable Template

Full PSD/Source Files Included

Sliced HTML Version of Template Included

Full Banner Set Included

Full Corporate ID Included
User Features:
Security CAPTCHA Image Login

Free Registration

*Buyer Registration

Private Member Section

*Users Update/Modify Listings

*Detailed Profile Management

*Invoice Reviews

*Password Activation Alerts

Complete Site Map

Interactive Poll

Mail Shoot Contact Form

User Password Lookup System

Newsletter signup



Advanced Searching

*Search for Products

*Search for Item Number

Featured Product Section

Send Listing to a Friend

Wish list (Favorites)

Advanced Searching Options

Contact and About Page

Multiple Image Upload

BBcode for Review Descriptions

Video Uploads

RSS Feeds

*New Product feeds

*Product Feeds by Category

*Product Sale Prices Feeds

*PDF Flyers

Abuse Report

Product Views

Guest Reviews

Category BreadCrumb trail

Abuse Report

Tag Cloud

Title page bread crumb
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